Mapping Development Project
(unstalled some)

The US Census department is now providing the TIGER database on their web site for free download.  I've restarted work on makeing a file format suitable for use on a limited memory and storage system.  I've settled on a format and am in the process of making translators to scan through the census data and generate a data set.  From there I'll be making viewers for PDA, XWindows and WEB.

Note: These are old.  The file formats have been updated.  If ytou go to the Census web site you can get the file formats in text format.  From there it is easy to make a code generator to make the SQL tables and access routines.

Data - TIGER record layout and a couple of the appendixes.  Saves alot of data entry.

Note: There are a couple of errors in these files.  Unfortunatly I haven't fixed them yet.  If you find them please let me know as I've forgotten exactly where the errors are.
Note: Also they will need updating for the absolute latest release of the data.


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